Night-time aerial view of Richmond Street in downtown London

Destination Downtown

Destination Downtown is a business attraction program.

Dynamic, modern and growing, London’s downtown is the choice for destination businesses, boutiques and restaurants, emerging artists and community activators who are looking for out-of-the-box customers, streetscapes, and spaces.

The Downtown core is the creative engine of London’s community development, growth, and prosperity. This area is also the entertainment district in Canada’s first UNESCO designated City of Music.

Local residents and visitors are curious, creative, and loyal – to favourite events and destinations that don’t just offer things, but culture, flavours and moments. They are highly educated and are socially and environmentally aware.

Downtown London is walkable, bikeable, and on every major transit route. Recent public investment in the downtown is well over $100,000,000. Construction is now completed on Dundas Place – a four block long flex street that opens for public events and is the gathering space in the heart of the city. We have a mix of unique heritage and contemporary buildings that are suitable for a wide variety of retail, services, restaurants, and entertainment.